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Instead of buying individual components, why not buy everything you need in kit form here?
Wiselan® easy fit Panel fixings. Use these push in fixings to secure our full range of Panels. Each pack has enough fixings to fill a complete Cabinet
Wiselan® slotted 1U Blank plate.
Wiselan® 2U Blank plate.
Wiselan® 3U Blank plate
Wiselan® TV Distribution Blank plate.  Use this plate when you are not installing TV Distribution but want your Cabinet to look neat and tidy
£9.48 + VAT
£3.75 + VAT
£4.75 + VAT
£5.75 + VAT
£7.75 + VAT
Our Cabinets are of an extremely high quality finish and are very installer/user friendly. Please choose the Cabinet that suits your installation
Apartment Cabinet W:405mm x H: 360mm x D: 100mm Capacity: 4U + TV Distribution  
£89.99 + VAT
House Cabinet W: 450mm x H: 580mm x D: 115mm Capacity: 9U + TV Distribution
£99.99 + VAT
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