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Quality Krone punch down tool for connecting cables to Patch panels, Cat5e/Cat6 modules & Telephone sockets
This ingenious tool strips small multi-core cables with ease and without touching the inner cores. A must for anyone terminating Cat5e/Cat6 cables
If you are installing Television Distribution, or any coax for that matter, then you will want one of these in your toolbox. This tool will save you hours. It strips both the outer sheath and the inner sheath at the same time leaving you with a ready to terminate coax. Used in conjunction with our Screw on F Type connectors
This tool is for terminating, the professionals choice, Snap & Seal connectors
Compact Cat5e/Cat6 Cable Tester, automatically tests each core and identifies faults. Complete with carry case
£9.99 ea. + VAT
£62.56 ea. + VAT
£19.99 ea. + VAT
£9.99 ea. + VAT
£9.99 ea. + VAT
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